Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Writen By Tony A.K.A Biggerandbetta (This my 1st post so bare with me)

On the 11 of june at 6pm(uk time) call of duty world at war got it's new add-on which includes 3 new online maps and a new zombie mode (this time around not nazi's but imperials instead). anway i'd thought ill write a little about i think of em. The new zombie Mode level titled: shi no numa. which in English means zombie swamp. i think this map is at most the hardest out of the 3 thats because in this your best option is to keep moving beacuse your gonna have to search for perk machines and the mystery box ( which is houseing a new Gun THE Wunderwaffe DG-2. it basicly shoots lightning) i think thats kinda cool :p. This map also adds the editon of then new enemies known as HELL HOUNDS, they are big undead dogs that expload-i no how normal right lol- anyway to finish my 1st post i'll say this level in my opionion is the best out of the 3. this made map pack 2 worth it even more XD

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