Monday, 29 June 2009

A break

we wont be adding things this this for a couple of days since we finishing our collage exams

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

COD WAW: MAP PACK 2 online levels

Written By Tony

Here are some pics of the new online levels for thoses who haven't downloaded

Online, players will compete in "Banzai," and fight for control of a tall, river bridge, this map can be quite differcult due to the amount of camouflage for players to hide in. i think this map is best used for games like capture the flag

2nd is ''SUB PENS'' In this map players struggle to control a bombed-out submarine base in the close-quarter map, this is a your basic
close-quarter map meaning its not easy to get lost and you should bump into someone a lot more often. This map i think best fits free for all and team death match playlists

The 3rd and final map of map pack 2 is named ''Corrosion'' in this you'll have to face foes in a shattered russian train yard. this map is quite tricky beacuse of all the ways you can get around it... for example the pipes. other then that its a good map probley best for games like headquaters and sabotage


Writen By Tony A.K.A Biggerandbetta (This my 1st post so bare with me)

On the 11 of june at 6pm(uk time) call of duty world at war got it's new add-on which includes 3 new online maps and a new zombie mode (this time around not nazi's but imperials instead). anway i'd thought ill write a little about i think of em. The new zombie Mode level titled: shi no numa. which in English means zombie swamp. i think this map is at most the hardest out of the 3 thats because in this your best option is to keep moving beacuse your gonna have to search for perk machines and the mystery box ( which is houseing a new Gun THE Wunderwaffe DG-2. it basicly shoots lightning) i think thats kinda cool :p. This map also adds the editon of then new enemies known as HELL HOUNDS, they are big undead dogs that expload-i no how normal right lol- anyway to finish my 1st post i'll say this level in my opionion is the best out of the 3. this made map pack 2 worth it even more XD

Monday, 8 June 2009

Fancy something free?

After picking up Red Faction: Guerilla from GAME I was asked if I wanted a free toy, it turns out nobody has pre-ordered this game so they are giving the Pre-Order heavy walker toys away with any purchase of the game (and people are still turning it down haha) so I got two, its worth a look, its free.

mind you its not the best quality

I'll put up some pictures later on.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Pre-order poster and promotional case!

Here are some pictures of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Pre-order poster and promotional case! Game UK are currently holding an instore promotion where you simply have to pre-order the game (PS3 or xbox) and you get a free poster signed by the development team (no not real signatures)

here are some shots of the poster and the promotional case (thanks to Game for that one)

as you can see they where kind enough to give me a second poster, if you are unlucky and unable to snag a poster for yourself (its first come first serve) you might be seeing it up for grabs on here in the near future ;)
Stay tuned.

Monday, 1 June 2009

NEW! Mass Effect 2 Gameplay pictures!

NEW! Mass Effect 2 Gameplay pictures!

Just up on the Mass Effect 2 website - New shots of gameplay showing off some new armours and weapons! ENJOY!

Metal Gear Solid coming to the xbox 360!

Ok guys listen up this is the lastest on the Metal Gear Solid Rising, Kojima has announced that the MGS franchise will be coming to Xbox 360 with a brand new title. The game won't be following snake as usual but will instead focus on Raiden. I will keep you updated as it comes...

E3 Getting some big announcements

From Twitter and Facebook on the dashboard to an exclusive Metal Gear Solid game the xbox 360 is having some major announcements, JJ will be doing a write up to summarise the most important / interesting stuff.

Thanks to robin for the amazing post.

Halo Reach! Is this Microsofts BIG announcement?

We think so!

after Kotaku spread rumours of the new games existence many people have been looking for any other solid evidence about it... we have such evidence.

This image is straight from - its already on some sites but not many, ENJOY!

click the image for full size

this shows the achievement portion of for Halo: Reach - this practically confirms the game is in the works!

Is this Microsofts BIG announcement at E3? ..... if so, then here it is first!

Kotaku rumour article

Modern Warfare 2 launch will be massive, expect lots of DLC

During an E3 remarks event moments ago, Activision Blizzard said the November
launch of Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare
will be the largest entertainment launch of any kind when it launches this
November. Prior to that remark, the company also made clear it will be more
aggressive on downloadable content in the future. No details were given but it’s
safe to say with the massive
success the recent World at War DLC
, we can expect those maps to keep
rolling in.

That's right everyone. Massive Launch and much more DLC. We will keep you updated on this as it comes.
check later for some photo's of the Modern Warfare 2 preorder poster.

Mass Effect 2: Prepare yourself for a suicide mission to save mankind.

It's been over a year and a half since Mass Effect first entered the spotlight, amazing audiences worldwide. The game was a phenomenom - taking people by storm and bringing them on a 40 hour quest to save mankind and the entire galaxy... yet it still had its shortcomings. Planet exploration was tedious and repetitive having around 3 repeated interiors on each planet, rudimentary items to find, none of which had much significance and after 3 or 4 times became lamented by almost all players of the game.

But BioWare listens to its fans.
Casey Hudson wrote to on his blog on the beginings of ME2's production, even from the release of the first,

"the first thing we did in designing Mass Effect 2 was to listen very
carefully to what people were saying about how they played the first one – what
they loved, what they wanted to see improved, and the countless anecdotes that
describe players’ personal experiences with their unique paths through the

This gives much hope to the perspective audience of the second game, a developer actually caring about its fans? thats almost unheard of but this just goes to prove it happens.

"We read forum posts, reviews, watched people playing the (original)
game on YouTube, and literally noted and categorised every piece of feedback we
could find, to help us target an overall evolution of the gameplay to the way
people actually experienced it."

This is taken from the Mass Effect 2 Facebook - which has incidentally pushed back the release to Spring 2010, as it previously stated late 2009, no luck their I guess.

The second chapter of the Mass Effect story finds Commander Shepard in the
darkest reaches of space, uncovering the mystery behind the disappearance of
humans throughout the galaxy. In Mass Effect 2 you'll assemble a team of
soldiers and specialists, and launch an all-out assault on the heart of enemy
territory. Choose carefully, because your success – or failure – depends on the
crew you assemble and their loyalty to you and the mission Prepare yourself for
a suicide mission to save mankind
. Did you play the original Mass Effect? Keep
your Mass Effect save-files, because the decisions you made in the first game
will have consequences... New to ME? Don't worry, we'll give you a new character
in Mass Effect 2 and bring you up to speed on the story.