Friday, 12 March 2010

Camping for Killstreaks - The death of Warfare

WARNING! excessive truth ahead

So unless you have been living under a rock for the past forever you will probably played a match or two of Modern Warfare 2.

Sure its the biggest and best game ever released (or so I have been told) I still feel there is a lot wrong with it.

From the second this game was released I would guess that over 90% of the FPS market shifted from COD4 and WaW (try playing them now, there are never more than a few hundred people per playlist) This creates quite a problem for us gamers.

I'm sure that most of you will agree that you have played atleast one match and at some point said 'THAT'S BULLSH*T" at something that has happened to you, you got knifed by the guy you were shooting, you were clearly around the corner when you died and that grenade DEFINITELY followed you... don't get me started on predator missiles (they always aim for me you know)

The hardcore players will easily shrug off these problems - Its just the way the games made - Probably some lag, ah never mind. but to me and you I hope - that just can't be true.

When you look at it, its customizable kill streaks and the option to stack them. every game you get the kid who sits by the bomb with his ACR constantly aimed down sights or the guy in the corner of the room with the silenced UMP.

YES I understand that you don't want to die when you are 1 kill off of your Chopper Gunner but MAN doesn't having to traipse back to kill the same person over and over get a bit boring? that's what this post is getting at - Have any of you tried going back to WaW or 4? the games are just so much more fast paced, you get more kills and more deaths and the game is over before you know it - you don't get people camping because they know once they pass 7 kills that chopper or those dogs are the last thing coming!

now im not saying the way to fix this is to just run and gun in MW2, that would just get you killed by all of the campers! haha just try to have a bit more fun, its a game - not the end of the world


Have fun everybody!

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