Friday, 14 August 2009



well i know this is a little late but... who cares :p. first of all if you hav'nt got this map by now you should because it's awesome 10x better then the others.

To tell the truth in my opinion the thing that makes this worth the money is the the new zombie map DER RIESE which means (The Giant) even though some people thought it meant zombie factory. Anyway this map is very difficult due to the fact it shows COD:WAW & NAZI ZOMBIES in a new way for example you get to upgrade weapons in the PACK-A-PUNCH machine, this increases your guns fire power and speed also DER RIESE has a new way to get around the map with the help of teleporters ( which involves you having to link them to a mainframe) but thats not hard and can be done in earlier rounds.

Apart from that there's a new weapon you can wield, called the MONKEY BOMB ( if you've played left 4 dead and you have seen the pipe bomb it works in the same way). The bomb basically distracts the zombies and lures them to it with it's song and after about 5 seconds it blows up, taking all the zombies with it :P Think pipe bomb from left 4 dead, just happier.

me and the other inbetweengamers say thing same about this map. It's the best outta the 3 and the zombie map is proof of that.

I'll do a review on the online maps since i get a proper chance to play them been spending most of my time on DER RIESE lool.

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