Friday, 13 November 2009

Remember... No Russian - The war on controversy

So I just completed Modern Warfare 2, including the 'controversial' No Russian mission.

I guess its obvious that some people are not going to like it, I mean you watch as hundreds of innocent civilians are gunned down in front of you, and you are asked to partake in it.

I think anyone can see why its not the prettiest of missions. For this reason however I have found literally hundreds of people condemning the level, and in some cases the entire game because of it.

Most of the arguments I have heard are based on the fact that "Why didn't Pvt Allen just shoot Makarov?" or "they would have known that Makarov was Russian" well as easy as that sounds, I don't think its that simple.
You take the role of Pvt Allen, now working a deep cover operation as one of Makarov's right hand men. In the debriefing before the mission you hear Shepherd telling you that he needs much more of you, and that you will lose a part of yourself - but its all for the greater good... right?

I think to those of you that have completed the game will understand that Shepherd isn't the most stable of men, mostly working on the principle of 'Just get the job done'
Even in the first level, Shepherd calls in an airstrike on a building - one of the Rangers states - 'aren't we danger close?' to which another replies, 'Since when did Shepherd care about Danger Close'

Your role is to infiltrate Makarov's terrorist cell by any means necessary - the information that Makarov holds is worth alot more to the American Government than the dead body of another terrorist. Couple this with the fact that a British SAS agent, along with some US Marines gunned down Zachiev - Whom Russia has named a martyr and hero, the tension between US and Russia seem even more strained.

Well that's my take on the "why"

then there is the whole 'But why did Russia invade?'
First of all I'm guessing that they didn't take kindly to the massacring of an entire Russian airport, take this and add in a dead US CIA operative - I think any government would jump to conclusions, but add in the fact that the Russians are still a bit pissed that Zachiev is dead and we have reason for a war! Makarov clearly made it look like an american attack, remember... No Russian? they don't speak a word of Russian throughout the entire level - then leaving an American behind as the scapegoat.

All in all I think the level is brilliant and adds so much to the story - I mean who didn't just hate Makarov a whole lot more after you watched him murder countless innocent people?

bottomline, the option is there to skip it, if you don't like it, don't play it!

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