Monday, 14 December 2009

Since Josh & Robin are on holiday thats leaves me & Mark in charge untill jan... Anyway I no this is late but heres my review on Dragonball: RB

Written by Tony Matthews A.K.A Biggerandbetta

I no this is late but just bare with me... Anyway just to say im a big fan of the dragonball series so all this is what i think about the game. Right Dragonball: Raging blast is basicly budokai tenkaichi 4 but the fighting styles has chaged quite a bit for example the basic moves like the Kamehameha and sprit bomb are all controld by the right stick. i no it's not that big of a deal but it kinda gets annoying when your fighting and your finger slips and your stuck doing some stupid move...

anyway i'll start with the story mode, it's pretty much the same as ever, you know sayian,namek,cell, buu saga's which is all well and fun but theres something a bit extra this time the what-if sega's (which basicly is storys that could have been) and with the addition of the what-if sega's it brings two new characters ( well basicly 2 new transformations) that are ssj3 vegeta and ssj3 broly. which IMO is pretty cool i've always wanted to see vegeta go ssj3. Anyway to rap things up about the story mode, Theres like 100 fights you can do which should last you some onto my thoughts about the online modes

1st of all you got your basic modes, player and ranked matches but theres a world tournament which is all fun. 8 people from around the world compete to take the title and an achievement worth 30g lol. theres only 1 big problem with the online and that is Spammers, i basicly gave up playing online ranked games, all the matches you fight a spammer. i had no problem beating them it just gets annoying. If you play it you'll find out for your self... lool

Right to rap this review up cos it's like 1 am and i gotta be up at 8am for collage. i'll leave it saying Dragonball: Raging blast is the best dbz game so far its fun story mode and fighting your friends online but because of the same storys lines ( they could add more characters and transformations) and the people you fight online spam all the time i rate this game 9 outta 10 :p

P.s if you got this game and wanna fight me i'm pretty good at it i've beaten the rank 1 and most of the top 50 players. if you fancy a fight just send me a message online i'll be happy to fight you

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