Thursday, 31 December 2009

The Saboteur Review

Written by Tony A.K.A Biggerandbetta

This is my Review on The Saboteur, the last game by pandemic Studios
just to say... What A way to end! :P

i'm gonna do things different this time and put this review into 4 parts

Right to Start off with is Story

you play as sean devlin a man from ireland and from a series of events hes now living in paris, this is set during world war 2 so expect to see nazi walking around.anyway once you get into the game your see something that changes sean's life. he is then apporched by the leader of the french resistance who ask's for sean's help to liberate france. not to spoil it but theres some awsome missions and an epic story line that never seemed to bore me

Next is Graphics

From when i started to play this game i didn't have a HD t.v but for christmas i got 1 and from what i played of it after i got it i can say the graphics are decent enough you can see things clearly enough, from the way they set this game in paris you get to really see what paris was like in world war 2. you have all the monuments that are in good detail & and the people in the game Graphics are solid too


In the Saboteur the sound is awsome expecialy with the old cars they all sound authentic,the gun shooting on the other hand is a different story i think they got a bit lazy on that end. but who am i to judge, also theres some classic music to listen to while driveing around and the sound of those songs are good it makes you think your in world war 2 paris. very realisic


This game has your basic GTA style
complete a mission to progress, drive here, run there, but theres a change that makes you detect a hint of assassin's creed because you can climb building's, the only thing that i found tricky to get the hang of at first is the shooting controls you have no auto aim so your always pin pointing your enemies wereabouts which isn't a problem once you get the hang of it

Anyway to end this Review i would rate this game a SOLID 9/10
only on the fact that it's not long enough and i hope there will be a 2nd game
if you haven't got this yet your missing out... by far one of the best game of 2009

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